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CMS Environmental Solutions was founded in 2007. From the moment we opened our doors, we have been committed to using sound science and the best technology available to build customized and practicable plans for compliance. Our teams of scientists and engineers guide clients through the process of regulatory compliance and project management, pursuing a shared mission of reducing stress and cost for our clients. CMS is honored to offer state-of-the-art solutions ideal for creating and maintaining stormwater systems across the United States.

CMS Environmental Solutions has four different office locations allowing us to broaden our reach and serve more clients with the regulatory compliance process. We're are here to help you protect the environment.

Our client-specific solutions, built on the principles of clear communication and common goals, effectively achieve environmental compliance at all levels of governmental regulation.

CMS goes further than most environmental companies. Our relationships with regulators, our scientific and ethical approach in understanding the intent of the regulations and our constant focus on meeting the very specific goals of each of our clients sets us apart from the rest.

CMS Environmental is compliance made simple.

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Communication is such an important part of our company culture here at CMS, it gets its own section on this site. Clear communication means we fully inform and keenly listen, and it’s the key to stress-free compliance. We fully integrate our clients’ needs, concerns, and goals into our compliance formula by employing project management software that provides updates and effectively monitors progress and making sure that we take care of our team so that our team can focus on taking care of your team. Closely working with our clients means we learn their unique business model so that we effectively advise their teams on how to achieve and maintain compliance.


As they say, change is the only certainty. Regulations change, or maybe your business grows and flourishes so you’re working with new sets of laws and regulations that weren’t applicable to you before. Updating your practices, plans, and methods of documentation can be costly, nevermind that your staff is already busy working to make your business hum.Enter CMS and our regulatory expertise. We’re your staff for that. We’re here for you, utilizing our years of familiarity with the regulations, our relationships with various regulators, and the capabilities of our team of engineers and scientists to your advantage.


Sound Stormwater Science & Technology ~
not only requires years of experience with erosion and sediment control but also expertise in hydrology, soils science and sound engineering practices. CMS make sure that our team is equipped with the latest studies, technologies and industry standards. CMS is unique in that the company couples this expertise with client-specific business models. In addition, CMS has experience in environmental assessment and restoration for the non-profit sector. We offer our clients state-of-the-art software that allows everyone involved to monitor projects and compliance in real time.