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CMS inspectors are rigorously trained in a cost-effective manner with the goal of sustaining site-specific compliance. Once our inspectors are ready for the field, the training does not stop. They receive continuous training and are required to obtain certifications (such as CISEC or CPESC) for their reviews to ensure that inspections are done accurately.

CMS Inspectors set themselves above the competition because they:

  1. Walk the site, document relevant data from the visit, and review the inspection report with onsite staff.
  2. Communicate with your vendors, BMP installers, etc.
  3. Update and manage your SWPPP book. All site conditions and changes are documented in the SWPPP and reflected in the site maps and SWPPP narrative.
  4. Provide a user-friendly report and detailed email outlining priority items.

Prior to submitting the report, our inspectors are required to contact your company’s on-site personnel to review it. This achieves two things:

  1. It better informs your on-site personnel about stormwater management and regulations, increasing site compliance.
  2. It serves as a briefing for on-site personnel and the inspector so everyone is on the same page. This prevents unnecessary spending on BMPs that may not be needed at that time due to construction phasing. Our staff reports the facts, makes no assumptions, and works directly with our clients.