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The CMS Management Package is the industry’s only stormwater product that completely assumes all stormwater obligations. Our package delivers a comprehensive stormwater management plan for any project. It serves throughout the entire process from conception to stabilization, allowing you to have a fully operational stormwater program, avoid unexpected charges or change orders.

The program includes:

  • Full-service CMS Stormwater Management of virtually all stormwater issues, pertaining to the applicable permits
  • Permit and/or local regulations, handled by CMS. This includes everything from permitting to budgeting
  • Training, program development and management
  • Routine Inspections with frequencies as stipulated by your site specific permit
  • All Post-Storm Event Inspections
  • Routine SWPPP book updates
  • Detailed Inspection Reports sent to all pertinent parties
  • Superior Customer Service
    • We facilitate communication between on-site staff, BMP installation company, CMS, and all stakeholders.
    • CMS inspectors review their findings with supervisors, walking the site and imparting at least one principle of stormwater management on each site visit.
    • We help come up with solutions to your problems versus simply giving you a list of things to correct
    • We BMP contractors, facilitating and delegating tasks, and managing your stormwater program.
    • We are always available to you, your staff, the BMP contractor and local regulators.
    • We listen to, help, and respond to all parties as if they are our client. This approach builds a rapport that ensures you the best service possible.

Additional services:

  • CMS analyzes your company culture and specific site conditions to best develop, streamline, and manage your program. We work closely with your team to determine the specific services that will ensure full, site-specific compliance.
  • Daily site walks
  • Training for any observed violators on site: We work directly with the both the trades who cause the violations and their supervisors. Because implementing a sound plan for regulatory compliance happens in the everyday operations of your business, your staff are an excellent resource for knowing how to practically improve operations to avoid violations. Our approach is to work with your staff at all levels to understand their roles, involving them in finding the solution.