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Our Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) are the industry’s best because they are entirely customized to each specific project. Each CMS SWPPP is a living document reflecting on-site conditions. They guide the project’s erosion and sediment control strategies, maximizing compliance and minimizing risk.

Our user-friendly SWPPPs lead onsite staff throughout the life of the project – giving clear, site-specific instructions to phase all BMP installation and to maintain compliance within each project’s budgetary constraints. Regulators, inspectors, and company personnel alike finally have a truly customized document that’s proven to be an invaluable resource.

CMS Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans are a step above the competition, designed to be the best in the industry. We achieve this with our signature 4-tier approach:

  1. Ensure that our designers are well versed with all federal, state and local regulations applicable to the jurisdiction within which the plan is to be implemented. It has been our experience that many designers leave out the local regulations which can put your project at risk.
  2. Obtain a copy of all available information for each project including the grading, construction and landscape plans, soils and drainage reports, and any environmental assessments that may have been conducted.
  3. Once this information is received we will make a site visit in order to look at all of the data you have provided and apply it to the "real world". During this time we will be considering the topography, soil type, typical and potential climatic conditions, land disturbing activities and the local regulations. Taking all of this data into account, our designer will contact your site project manager, superintendent, etc. to ensure that our plan works with YOUR plan. This is usually the first point where communication becomes vital to the success of your stormwater program.
  4. The SWPPP is then drafted in accordance with your unique business plan to ensure that it can be easily implemented. This greatly increases the success of your SWPPP and stormwater program.